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Pre-release iOS Beta with Latest UI Updates & Fixes

With the final release imminent, a new iOS Beta version has just been released with some last-minute UI improvements and stability fixes. These help to make the app more user-friendly and solid for its final release. Keep in mind that you need an Apple device running iOS v13.2+ and your PBX to be on the latest v16 Update 5 to use the app! Join our Beta testing team and don’t miss out on the new iOS app’s features.

Your Secrets are Safe! New iOS App with Call Encryption

Working from home does not mean compromising on your privacy and security. With the new 3CX iOS App (Beta in TestFlight) you can rest assured your calls and messages remain private wherever you may be. With its industry-standard encryption security by default, the new iOS App is a must-have for any business working remotely.

Secure Calls by Default

Fully compatible with the security framework in v16 Update 5, your calls are secured by default...

Get a Sneak-peak of New Features. Join the 3CX iOS Beta Program

New, improved, and exciting features keep coming out with our back-to-back iOS Beta App releases. To be able to keep up the good work we need to continue to receive your feedback on our beta releases to advance the new App to its production-ready target.

Get to Experience it First!

If you haven’t joined the iOS Beta testing team, do it now and get first-hand experience of video calls, conferencing, enhanced chat options, and more. You just need to be on...

3CX V16 Update 5 Release Candidate

The Release Candidate (RC) of v16 Update 5, is available for download. The RC adds some important fixes for call recordings and WebMeeting connectivity among others. The final release is fast approaching, so get the RC now and start preparing.

What’s in the RC

While getting ready for production-level status, the Update 5 RC delivers important fixes for: Call Recordings – Fixed issue with recordings for picked up calls.WebMeeting Connectivity – Connections to the WebMeeting cloud platform are more reliable with an updated bitrate...

3CX iOS App Gets All-New Swift Make-over

3CX iOS has been rewritten in Swift completely from scratch! Why Swift? As the new programming language for developing iOS applications, it’s easy to read and maintain, contains cleaner syntax, and as the name implies, it’s FAST! This coupled with increased security and the ability to reconnect, makes the 3CX iOS App a must-have.

Full Speed Ahead with Swift

The new 3CX iOS App not only uses Swift as the programming language, it also uses Swift UI for the user interface....

Employees Get 3CX Android App Auto-installed via G Suite

Take advantage of the built-in app management tools in G Suite to easily deploy the 3CX Android app to users’ personal or company-owned mobile phones. Any device configured with a company email address will automatically download and install the latest 3CX Android app, ready for provisioning. If using a BYOD scheme you can easily separate between work-related and personal apps and data. Follow these steps to have the 3CX Android app on your users’ phones in...