RabbitRun SOHO SD-WAN Solutions with 4G LTE Failover

RabbitRun’s solutions allow resellers to help their customers improve business communications and reliability by delivering affordable, innovative Small Business & Remote Worker SD-WAN networking. Helping customers overcome challenges with

• Internet Outages or Unstable Internet Service
• Poor Quality Voice, Dropped Calls or Video Meetings
• Connection Congestion with Limited or No Availability To Prioritize Critical Applications
• Limited Ability to Remotely Support or Generate Network Quality Reports or Statistics

Flawless 4G Failover

Flawless 4G Failover


Match your Communication Speeds and Requirements.

4G LTE Wireless:

  • Built-In Modem up to 150Mbps Downloads x 50Mbps Uploads

  • LTE Data Plan with 1GB Hot Standby for Failover to Backup Cellular Service with Automatic Failback

  • eSIM Automatically Selects Best Carrier


Small Office / Remote Worker
  • 5xGbe (2xWAN, 3xLAN)

  • WiFi 802.11a/b/g/n/ac

  • Built-in 4G LTE Modem (150x50Mbps)

  • WiFi as WAN (MyFi) Support

  • 500 Mbps Internet


Small / Medium Office
  • 4xGbe (2xWAN, 2xLAN)

  • Built-in 4G LTE Modem (150x50Mbps)

  • 1000 Mbps Internet

RabbitRun Solutions

RRT Small Business Solution for SMB

Small Businesses want Enterprise Class networking solutions they can afford, with increased reliability and improved quality of their business communications over the Internet. SMB customers, from 1-100 sites, are trending towards adopting cloud-native applications, no longer relying on the corporate WAN for their business services. RabbitRun developed a SOHO SD-WAN agile Edge family of products which are ideal for this market.

RRT Home & Office Solution

With increases in working from home (WFH), and the current trends and predictions, companies must equip their workforce with a Business Class networking solution. Enable your remote workforce with a home networking solution that increases communication quality and reliability with automated failover for Internet connections on wireless 4G LTE.

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