How Ribbon Direct Connect Routing Can Help Maintain Your Customer Base

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How Ribbon Direct Connect Routing Can Help Maintain Your Customer Base

As businesses start to get back into the office and solidify their work-from-home plans, one thing hasn’t changed: the almost 300 million users (and growing!) using Teams. Microsoft Teams has become one of the most-used Unified Communications (UC) Platforms on the globe.

Many of your customers are now looking for ways to integrate their existing communication systems with Teams to make and receive calls, effectively turning Teams into their phone system. They may look to an MS calling plan or Operator Connect, which could effectively cut into your bottom line.

Enter Ribbon Connect.

Ribbon Connect is a cloud-based service that connects new or existing phone lines to Teams. With per-seat pricing, PBX integration support, and no PowerShell commands or complex configuration, Ribbon Connect is a cost-effective, robust, and simple service you can offer as an alternative to customers canceling their hosted provision.

The Ribbon Connect Difference

So why would a customer choose Ribbon Connect as opposed to just licensing dial tone through Microsoft directly? One reason lies in the provisioning plans that Microsoft offers (as opposed to your SIP provider/SIP offering)–they’re rigid and only viable for extremely small businesses (think 10 lines or fewer). Any business that wants to connect through Microsoft will find that they just don’t offer economical plans for more than 10 employees.

Here’s where Ribbon Connect comes in: with per-seat pricing and no minimums, Ribbon Connect can support businesses with 1 or upwards of 10,000 seats. Additionally, the month-to-month pricing means that this number can be changed whenever it’s needed, whether the business has to scale up to match growth or scale down to accommodate fluctuating employee headcounts.

In addition to its cost-effectiveness, Ribbon Connect makes configuration and maintenance a breeze. It has an intuitive web interface that removes the complexity of connecting telecom infrastructure into a Teams configuration and is ideal for resellers with limited expertise in one domain or the other. It even has tools to integrate an existing PBX, providing greater calling functionality and simplifying the move to Teams.

Easy to sell and support, offering Ribbon Connect through CloudCo keeps your customers away from outside hosted providers, and connected closer to you.

Ready to get started with Ribbon Direct Connect Routing? Contact a CloudCo representative today to get more info and sign up!

Want to see a demo? We run through the Ribbon Direct Connect Routing system in our webinar, Make Microsoft Teams Calling Better With Ribbon Direct Connect Routing.

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