Ribbon Connect

Ribbon Connect for Microsoft Teams Direct Routing

Ribbon Connect is a cloud-based service that securely connects new or existing phone lines to Microsoft Teams. It has an intuitive web interface that removes the complexity of connecting telecom infrastructure into a Teams configuration. It’s ideal for resellers with limited expertise in one domain or the other. It even has tools to integrate an existing PBX, providing greater calling functionality and simplifying the move to Teams.

Easier Than Ever

Simplify Adding Phone System Services to Microsoft Teams
  • Start with 1 or 50,000 users

  • Integrate with existing communication systems

  • Deploy in one location or globally

  • Only buy for the employees that need Teams calling

  • Won’t disrupt existing dial tone contracts

  • Deployed in Microsoft Azure across 3 continents

  • High-availability architecture

  • Supports full end-to-end encryption and secure access control

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Ribbon Connect Simplifies Teams Direct Routing

As a VAR or Service provider, offer a new set of services that extend the value of Teams to deliver calling capabilities. Combine the rich calling features your customers already enjoy with the power of collaboration through Teams. You can eliminate complex planning, configuration, and deployment through a fully automated deployment process. Offer your customers the ability to use Teams with their existing PBX experience or migrate to Teams for all their phone services with Ribbon Connect, a cloud-based service that securely connects phone lines and calling plans with Microsoft Teams.

Service Providers & VARs need Ribbon Connect

Ribbon Connect enables you to save your customers money, provide a better calling experience and create an additional revenue stream.

  • Easy to sell and support, if your customers are already using teams, adding voice enables full collaboration
  • A managed cloud service with no set-up or configuration charges that allows you to pay as you go
  • Ease of management, no hardware or software to deploy or maintain

Ribbon Connect Benefits

  • Easy to configure – No PowerShell commands or complex configuration steps. Built-in templates to connect to telecom providers.
  • Seamless user experience – Customers don’t have to learn something new – reduces objections.
  • Cost Effective – Per seat pricing means that customers pay only for what they use. No service term or usage commits.
  • Secure – Uses Ribbon SBC services. Managed and monitored with 24/7/365 support.
  • 100% Cloud-based – Located in the Azure cloud – no hardware to deploy.
  • Robust – Fully managed solution with PBX integration options.
  • Simple – Customers can maintain their existing telecom provider or feel free to choose a new one at any time.
  • Creates an annuity for Partners. – Create a monthly revenue stream that grows without additional sales engagement.

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