3CX V20 Upgrade: What’s new and what you need to know

The release of 3CX Version 20 (V20) is just around the corner, bringing many changes under the hood and in the configuration logic. This blog post will cover some of these changes and provide a timeline to help you prepare for the update.

1.) New Admin Console

Version 20 has an entirely new management console named the ‘Admin console’. This is fully integrated into the 3CX client now and the V18 management console is deprecated with...

V18 Update 1 Beta: Fine-Tuning Teams Integration

Update 1 Beta is available now with improvements to the Microsoft Teams integration. Since its launch 4 weeks ago, it has been installed over 1000 times, providing valuable intel to help us develop new features, tweak existing ones and improve the application even further. With Update 1, when a Teams user rejects a call, the 3CX Forwarding Rules for that user are applied. This opens yet more cross-platform functionality such as enabling call forwarding to voicemail, an external party or...

Deploying 3CX Windows Desktop via AD Group Policy Object

Administrators can now utilise Active Directory Group Policy Object to deploy 3CX Windows Desktop App. Windows Server must be fully updated to the 2019 edition and users’ terminals should be on Windows 10 with the latest updates installed.

How to Deploy in 4 Easy Stages

Create a distribution point Create a Group Policy Object Assign an MSI package Install the application to domain computers. Read more about the 4 stages in our step by step guide: Deploying Windows Desktop App via Active Directory Group Policy.

Unifying 3CX with Microsoft 365 – Teams Direct Routing – Part 3 of 3

https://youtu.be/-1E02o_LN3E In this 3rd and final video series covering version 18 synchronisation with Microsoft 365, Stefan Walther, CEO at 3CX, walks through the steps to bring one of the hottest additions to 3CX, full integration with Teams phone system by way of Direct Routing. Click here if you missed part 1 and part 2.

Direct Routing

It is no secret that Microsoft Teams has seen a huge explosion over the past two years. It has been absolutely pivotal in the...

Unifying 3CX with Microsoft 365 – Part 2 of 3 – Single Sign-On (SSO)

Continuing with our 3 part video tutorial, last week, Stefan Walther, 3CX CEO, highlighted what initial steps are required to get your 3CX instance syncing with Microsoft 365. If you missed it, click here. Now with Part 2 in mind, Hands up who has ever wished that their car key and house key were the same? This short video highlights how the sync can be used to allow users to log into the 3CX Web Client or the Management Console using...

3CX V18: Connecting Teams & Customers – Faster, Better, More Efficiently

The final version of 3CX V18 is here offering best in class audio quality, performance and reliability. With customer communication at the forefront, V18 provides an all-in-one integrated solution to communicate internally and connect with prospects – via voice, live chat or video.

New 3CX Client and Desktop App

With V18 we’ve improved the Web Client and made it available also as a native Windows Desktop App, eliminating the need for the browser extension. The new Desktop App uses the same Electron...

Unifying 3CX with Microsoft 365 – Part 1 of 3 – Initial Set-Up

In preparation for version 18, we have been working on the synchronization between Microsoft 365 accounts and 3CX. With more and more businesses looking to simplify their working environment, synchronising companies’ 365 accounts and 3CX is an important step. It brings a whole host of benefits including user sync, calendar status sync and the very much anticipated and highly requested feature, Teams phone system integration! #DirectRouting Stefan Walther, CEO, sat down to show how setting up this sync between a Microsoft...

4 Sim Call PRO & Enterprise Now Free for 1 Year

To help small businesses recover from the effects of the pandemic, we are giving away 4SC subscriptions (suitable for up to 12 users) for free on all versions: Standard, PRO and Enterprise. The offer is available for free for a minimum of one year, depending on its success. What better way to test which 3CX version and features you really need, before you commit to purchase.

4SC standard default

Now all customers get a 4SC free and have a year in which...

SBC for v18: Always Connected

The new SBC for v18 has been released. Get it now for increased reliability with the new reconnect feature, as well as the ability to bulk update SBCs via the Instance Manager.

Reconnect: Instant recovery from internet failure

When the internet connection goes down, the call is no longer dropped. The 3CX Tunnel keeps media ports intact, allowing continued media transmission in case the SBC disconnects. The SBC will automatically reconnect ongoing calls without having to re-invite.

Update remotely via Instance Manager

Admins and...

V18 Beta 2 – A Step Closer to Final Release

V18 Beta 2 has just been released! Following your feedback, this Beta should be good to go as a Release Candidate in the coming days. Update to Beta 2 today for more bug fixes, including the recent Hotfix.

Beta 2 Fixes

Fixed issue with transfers causing no audio. Fixed recording and renegotiations. Fixed deadlock in Management Console causing error “Server is Busy”.

How to get V18 Beta 2

Try out V18 Beta 2 for Linux 3CX V18 on Debian 10 ISO....