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Your premium managed infrastructure-as-a-service suite.

With CloudControl, MSPs, VARs, and IT providers see an improved profit due to an enabled fast time-to-market. IaaS has many complexities, but CloudControl dissolves those with a complete solution you can quickly launch and properly bill for.

We have a state-of-the-art Cloud 2.0 Hyperconverged Architecture, ensuring reliability and growth support for customers. And the white labeled IaaS and billing portals allow you to self-service your business & have ultimate control over your solution’s design.

Leverage CloudControl to provide your customers with a growing number of cloud services and reap the profits of managing these services for your customers. Your customers need these services, so you should be the partner who provides them.

CloudControl has the features you want

White Labeled Billing Platform
White Labeled IaaS Management Portal
Reliable Sales & Technical Support
Follows a Channel Model
Private Hyperconverged Cloud
U.S. Based Data Centers
CloudCo Competitor #1
Amazon Web Services
Comptitor #2
Microsoft Azure
Competitor #3
Google Cloud Platform
Competitor #4
US POPs - multiple regions
Turnkey White Label Solution
n-tiered Reseller Structure
Custom Domain Mapping
Advertise Your Own IP Range
Layer2 Networking
Enterprise Grade (IQ/Resilience)
Underlying Cloud Technology Cloud 2.0 Cloud 1.0 Cloud 1.0 Cloud 1.0 Cloud 1.0
Defined User Roles/Permissions
n+1 Server Redundancy ✗ (an additional cost) ✗ (an additional cost) ✗ (an additional cost) ✗ (an additional cost)
Out of Band Management (VNC) / Console Access
Max Sustained IOPS Achievable 50,000 20,000 5,000 25,000 1,000
Data Transfer Speed 1Gbps (up to 5 Gbps) 320 Mbps 200 Mbps 2 Gbps (up to 16 Gbps) Capped @ 250Mbps
(premium subs to increase)
Remote Access to Individual Cloud Servers SSH/RDP/VNC SSH/RDP SSH/RDP SSH/RDP SSH/RDP
Pricing Model Per Second Per Hour, Rounded Up Per Minute, Rounded Up Per Minute, Rounded Up;
Minimum 10 Min. Instance
Per Hour
Vendor Support Options Personalized Phone & Email Support Twitter, Post to Forums;
Costly Enterprise Support
Twitter, Post to Forums;
Costly Enterprise Support
Post to Forums;
Costly Enterprise Support
Post to Forums, Phone, Email
SLA-Guaranteed Vendor Support Costly Enterprise Support Costly Enterprise Support Costly Enterprise Support
Billing Integration Limited Limited Limited Limited
Personalized Onboarding

Experience the HyperCloud Platform

CloudCo’s technology allows us to provide a high-performance enterprise product, utilizing commodity infrastructure that delivers the best price-to-performance ratios. Significantly reduced COGs enables our wholesale business model.

Michael Evanisko, Chief Technology Officer CloudCo Partner

HyperCloud is an end-to-end premium hosted cloud platform (virtual compute, storage, & networking) that IT service providers can instantly white-label and deploy as their own.  Built on a groundbreaking hyper-converged architecture using supercomputer components, HyperCloud bottles the web-scale power of a Facebook-like cluster into a turnkey, one-stop service anyone can use to manage their own suite of enterprise-grade Public, Private, and Hybrid cloud solutions.

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