Your Secrets are Safe! New iOS App with Call Encryption

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Your Secrets are Safe! New iOS App with Call Encryption

Working from home does not mean compromising on your privacy and security. With the new 3CX iOS App (Beta in TestFlight) you can rest assured your calls and messages remain private wherever you may be. With its industry-standard encryption security by default, the new iOS App is a must-have for any business working remotely.

Secure Calls by Default

Call encryption and security with the new 3CX iOS Beta app.Fully compatible with the security framework in v16 Update 5, your calls are secured by default without any fussing around with settings and options. Just tap to answer or call and rest assured that the green padlock icon guards your conversations against eavesdropping!

Separate Business from Pleasure

3CX iOS App allows you to keep your business phonebook separate from your personal contacts, and ensures both contacts and messages remain private.

  • Easily call your colleagues from the “Status” view, with shortcut actions to send chat, voicemail and email messages.
  • Access your personal and company-wide phonebook in “Contacts”. Search and group filter functions will help you find a contact wherever it is located.
  • Integrate your device contacts by granting the necessary permission to the iOS App. Your personal contacts can be included in the “All” group or accessed separately in the dedicated “iOS” group.
  • Handle business chats with colleagues and web visitors discreetly on your own device, without mixing with personal messaging apps and data.

Integrated Call Center

No need to move back and forth between apps to check on your mobile and 3CX calls. Your 3CX calls are now integrated into your device’s call log, marked as “3CX Audio”, so you can easily review your call activity from the built-in iOS Phone app without opening the 3CX App.

The new iOS App combined with v16 Update 5 is a strong and unified remote working solution, providing flexible yet secure communications for teleworkers.

Sign up to join our iOS testing team to keep your calls private and secure!

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