Resellers: Virtual call centers are on the rise, are you ready to pitch one?

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Resellers: Virtual call centers are on the rise, are you ready to pitch one?

Virtual call centers are becoming increasingly popular as employers look to lower overheads, increase flexibility, and take advantage of labor pools overseas. In this two-part series, we’ll discuss the benefits of making the switch and explore how to discuss 3CX’s virtual call center solution with your clients.

What are virtual call centers?

Virtual call centers have much in common with their traditional counterparts, with one key difference; employees are spread out across a number of geographic locations. The agents use a cloud call center solution to connect, which combines all their communications tools into one, centralized platform, meaning they can work easily from wherever they are.

Who can take advantage of a virtual solution?

If we’ve learned anything from the ongoing COVID-9 pandemic, it’s that mass virtualized or remote working is a viable workplace alternative for most office-based workers. Whether your client operates a large call center conducting telemarketing or is a small organization offering phone support and sales, 3CX’s cloud contact center solution will not only reduce their communications costs but their total overheads as well.

How does it benefit my clients?

customer experience is important for call centers

Switching to a virtual call center benefits employers and agents alike. Talk to your clients about the impact making the switch can have on:


Less staff in the office equals lower expenses, less rent, and surprisingly fewer employee absences too. Numerous studies have found that remote workers take less sick leave and holiday than their office-based counterparts, which helps to boost your clients’ bottom line.

Employee Well-being

Working from home has been proven to lower stress and produce a happier workforce. This has a knock-on effect throughout the organization and helps to create a positive, productive working environment. Virtualized working has also been linked to lower staff turnover. A staggering 76% of US workers said they’d be more likely to stay with their current employer if they had the option to work remotely.

Customer Experience

If your client operates internationally or needs to provide 24/7 support to customers they need to have agents on their phone round the clock. Not only is constant availability being required from B2C customers, but also B2B customers expect to reach customer support lines when they need to. With a virtual call center solution, you can easily make that happen. A hosted, cloud call center solution lets your work from anywhere in the world so you can offer support in a variety of time zones.

What does 3CX offer?

wallboard for virtual call center

3CX PRO and Enterprise Licenses include a complete call center module, which enables agents to work remotely from day 1. With just one simple, browser-based web client for all their needs, agents can quickly set up using just their extension number and password- no need for complicated VPNs and portal logins. Unlike many of our competitors, we don’t charge additional activation fees or subscription costs for remote agent access so they’ll boost their savings too!

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