Android Beta: Improved Call Recovery & Push Notification

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Android Beta: Improved Call Recovery & Push Notification

In this latest Beta release, 3CX has made significant improvements to call recovery and push notifications for a better call experience. We’ve also introduced the ability to automatically add conferences to your devices calendar.

Intelligent call reconnection

In combination with the latest V16 release, the app now re-connects a call if changing networks or if the network drops temporarily (for example when driving on the highway). What’s more, if call quality remains low, the app will automatically drop the call and redial in order to establish a better connection. Big improvements are on the way in V18 so stay tuned!

No more missed calls – More reliable Push

We have upgraded the Push library and functionality to deliver Push notifications more reliably. To make this work, you have to upgrade your PBX to V16 Update 8, in order to keep receiving Push notifications. For more information please refer to this blog post.

Tap to add your conference to a calendar

new android beta calendar

When creating a conference in the app, your meeting is automatically added to your chosen calendar. From there you can add attendees and ensure they can RSVP.

We want your feedback!

We’ve made significant improvements to the core engine to improve audio experience. Additionally, we have enabled the Telecom API option by default for verified Android devices to improve call control with Bluetooth headsets. Now we need your testing skills and feedback so that we can continue to build on this. Try out the Beta release and head over to the forum to tell us about your experience!

Other fixes & improvements

  • Send busy option is enabled by default.
  • Updated incoming call notification view with more compact caller avatar.
  • Updates to Chat UI including new notification icon for light & dark Android themes
  • You can now receive call and message notifications even if you have DND mode enabled on your device.

Try it out!

Download the app from the Google Play Store today!

View the change log.

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