SSO and Boosted Performance in V18 Alpha 2!

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SSO and Boosted Performance in V18 Alpha 2!

V18 Alpha 2 is here for your testing! This version features some almighty security updates including SSO. We’ve also revamped overall performance of the PBX and smartphone apps for a more reliable experience and made managing the PBX even easier!

SSO and update to Debian 10 Buster

v18 alpha 2 sso

No more forgotten passwords or searching through emails! We’ve implemented SSO so that users and administrators can login to the web client and management console with their Google or Microsoft 365 account. We’ve also made significant security updates including:

  • Encrypted voice calls: Trunks are now autoconfigured to use secure SIP/secure RTP.
  • Update to Debian 10 / Buster: The OS has been updated for security and performance and all 3CX ISO installs will be auto-upgraded to Debian 10.

Revamped iOS/Android Apps

ios android apps

Earlier this year, the iOS and Android apps were redeveloped for improved performance and interface parity. Now, we’ve overhauled our SIP core and networking features to improve the usability and reliability of the apps. This includes:

  • Improved audio quality during calls.
  • Seamless and faster reconnection of apps when switching networks.
  • More reliable notification delivery with the latest Apple and Google Push services.

Enhanced performance with a modern OS

Quite often, other PBXs rely on outdated or end-of-life Linux distributions. This is never the case with 3CX! We continue to ensure security and increased performance by running on the latest OS. This also means you get regular updates, unrivalled scalability, and can keep running your PBX with leading cloud providers. More specifically we have:

  • Reduced resource usage, boosting ability to scale to bigger number of extensions and calls.
  • Made it possible that chats older than X amount of days can be archived or deleted.
  • Added Auto-Dealt with option for unanswered inbound conversations to queue.

Improved admin experience

We’ve made various changes to optimize administration of the PBX, including more granular admin rights. We’ve implemented an additional admin level which allows for configuration of IVR and queues but not system or SIP trunk settings. This allows you to delegate tasks to specific members of staff without giving out full permissions. We’ve also improved MS 365 integration for quicker set up; user profile images are auto-downloaded and configured. Further updates include:

  • Normalization of inbound caller ID to e164 format for better CRM integration and easier trunk configuration.
  • Added audit log of system changes: See who changed what and when.

Other fixes & improvements

  • Added option for administrator to reprovision QR code / configuration file from Management console > Users.
  • Added the option for admin to disable the email notification in case of successful schedule backup.
  • Adjustments to Management Console dashboard / side-navigation.

How to get V18 Alpha 2

You can get V18 Alpha 2 for Linux 3CX V18 on Debian 10 ISO. Ensure you have built your CFD call flows with the latest version prior to updating.

Alternatively you can create a new, hosted trial account to give V18 a test run. Other methods of upgrading will be available shortly so stay tuned!

Check out the change log for more information on this version.

Contact us to find out more!

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