4 Sim Call PRO & Enterprise Now Free for 1 Year

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4 Sim Call PRO & Enterprise Now Free for 1 Year

To help small businesses recover from the effects of the pandemic, we are giving away 4SC subscriptions (suitable for up to 12 users) for free on all versions: Standard, PRO and Enterprise. The offer is available for free for a minimum of one year, depending on its success. What better way to test which 3CX version and features you really need, before you commit to purchase.

4SC standard default

Now all customers get a 4SC free and have a year in which to:

  • Upgrade to a PRO or Enterprise subscription to try more features
  • Extend the SC limit on a Standard subscription for more users.

Previously free trials were set at 8 SC Standard by default, which meant that upon renewal customers were automatically renewed at this level – even if they didn’t need it. Customers currently on a Free 8SC Standard subscription can also choose to upgrade for free to a 4SC PRO or Enterprise, or increase the SC limit on Standard, for the duration of their free subscription.

Option A: Add more features

Upgrade to PRO or Enterprise for free screenshot

Test out which features are must-haves for your organization. Visit our price comparison for the full list of applicable features.

PRO Enterprise
Call Queues MS Teams Integration
Call and Chat Reporting Skill-based call queues
SMS/MMS Start/Stop recording

Option B: Or add more users

If Standard edition features are sufficient, but you want to add more users onto your 3CX System, you can increase the simultaneous call limit up to 1024 SC. This is suitable for up to 4000 users and also free for one year.

How to get the free upgrade

Customer Portal - Free Upgrade Button

For the duration of the year, you can switch between upgrade options. How to upgrade:

  • Login to the Customer Portal
  • Select the subscription you want to upgrade
  • Click on the “Free Upgrade” button
  • Select between Standard, PRO or Enterprise upgrades

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