New Video Conferencing Apps for Android and iOS (Beta)

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New Video Conferencing Apps for Android and iOS (Beta)

Need to conference in a hurry? We’ve got you covered. In our latest Android and iOS beta release, we’ve made it even easier to attend and participate in conferences from your mobile device.

By re-developing our mobile video conferencing capabilities from scratch, we’ve been able to add functionalities previously only available via the Webclient. Plus, users will benefit from increased synergy between iOS and Android Ecosystems, as both now utilize a single code-base.

Shared experience for mobile & web

Enjoy a richer conferencing experience with:

  • PDF & Screencast viewing support.
  • Whiteboard viewing and drawing capabilities.
  • Participate in polls.
  • Switch between front or back camera.
  • Upgraded meeting chat with new chat notifications and badges.
  • Raise hand and other reactions.

Intuitive interface for Enhanced UX

Effortlessly organize and conduct meetings from your mobile device with enhanced user interfaces that make conferencing on the go seamless:

  • Improved app layouts with a slide in menu.
  • Added meeting role support. Hide/show certain functions only if permissions were granted.
  • Enhanced screen sharing viewing with presenter picture-in-picture support .
  • Improved UI, meeting layout and video aspect ratios for different devices and orientations.
  • 5 participants & your own video, e.g. 5+1 video support for optimal battery life and device support.

web conferencing app

Other fixes & improvements

  • New login flow for Apple iOS users
  • Fixed issues causing distorted video on Google Pixel devices
  • Added start/stop recording capability for meeting organizers
  • Improved battery life and stability
  • Added support for accepting requests by the organizer/s to enable or disable video and audio

Join our Beta program

Don’t forget to share your feedback on our community forums. View the change log.

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