Change Your Forwarding Rules in Just a Few Clicks

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Change Your Forwarding Rules in Just a Few Clicks

If it’s true that flexibility is one of the key aspects of intelligence, then 3CX is certainly the smartest PBX on the market!

What often escapes technicians is the user’s point of view: we think of how to make the PBX safer, how to effectively manage the flow of incoming calls, and how to define the outbound rules. However, what if an employee, specifically one who is less familiar with new technologies, is unexpectedly unavailable? What happens then?

In the best case scenario, said employee will ask a colleague to take over their calls. Of course, with 3CX it is entirely possible to do this from your own workstation, with a simple click in the web client.

With this simple but highly effective feature, 3CX allows users to easily configure their call forwarding rules so that no customer is left unanswered.

The 3CX Status Feature

Each extension has the right to change its forwarding rules simply by changing its status. There are five easily customizable statuses which can be further configured to manage the incoming call flow to your extension. From the web client, smartphone Apps or IP Phone you can quickly change your status. Let’s see how:

  • From the web client you can choose your status by clicking on the status selector at the top right.

web client status selector

  • From the smartphone apps, simply click on the status indicator in the upper right corner.

ios app status

  • To select the status from an IP phone simply enter:
    • “*3” plus a number from 0 to 4 according to the desired status

For example, to choose the Do Not Disturb state, you need to type *32 (a voice will confirm the selected state), to return to the Available state, type *30

You can replace the code *3 with another by accessing the “Settings > Dial Codes” section of the 3CX Management Console.

Customize status settings directly from the web client

The flexibility of 3CX allows you to customize the behavior associated with each status directly from the web client.

By accessing the “Settings > Call forwarding” section, as shown in the figure, the user can choose how to manage incoming calls when the extension’s status changes. This can also be configured separately for external and internal calls.

customize forwarding rules web client

In the example above, the Do Not Disturb status has been configured to forward internal calls to a colleague and to forward external calls to a ring group. For both types of calls, diversion to voicemail was applied during closing times.

It is possible to add exceptions to the behavior of statuses. This can be done from the same section of the web client and can be configured to allow an alternative route to specific telephone numbers or during certain time slots.

Set status temporarily

Thanks to the Set Status Temporarily function, it’s possible to schedule a status change. In this way it’s not necessary to remember to change the status back to Available, as 3CX performs this task in place of the user.

set status temporarily web client

Customize the name of the 3CX statuses

Each user can freely customize the names of their status options directly from the App or from the web client. Administrators can also globally change the name of the last two statuses for all extensions by accessing the “Settings > General” section of the 3CX Management Console.

3CX allows simple and intelligent customization of its features directly from the user-friendly apps and web client. To find out more, check out the web client user manual and the YouTube channel to stay updated on new features and make the best use of the digital revolution of VoIP!

Info-Service s.r.l is a 3CX Gold Partner based in Sicily, Italy. To discuss 3CX VoIP systems and IT solutions, please get in touch:

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