New iOS Beta: Call Reconnection & Conference Scheduling

In this update, we’re making it even easier to schedule a 3CX conference from the iOS app! In seconds you can create a conference, add participants, and add the event to your device’s calendar from the palm of your hand. Call recovery during unsteady connection has also had a boost for a more consistent call experience.

Improved handling of connection loss

With intelligent call reconnection, connection loss is better handled from the app-side on established calls. Furthermore, if call quality remains significantly...

iOS & Android Video Conferencing Apps Get Bluetooth Support (Beta)

We’ve gone ahead and improved the user experience and usability of the video conferencing apps further. The login UI is now cleaner, sleeker and more understandable. We’ve also included new features to help you in your daily use, including: Added Bluetooth support Ability to enable/disable camera / microphone before meeting entry.

Login page gets an upgrade

The login page has been greatly improved; now with a sleeker design that’s more user-friendly to boot. You can also easily disable and enable the microphone...

New Video Conferencing Apps for Android and iOS (Beta)

Need to conference in a hurry? We’ve got you covered. In our latest Android and iOS beta release, we’ve made it even easier to attend and participate in conferences from your mobile device. By re-developing our mobile video conferencing capabilities from scratch, we’ve been able to add functionalities previously only available via the Webclient. Plus, users will benefit from increased synergy between iOS and Android Ecosystems, as both now utilize a single code-base.

Shared experience for mobile & web

Enjoy a richer conferencing...