3CX Use Cases: Unified Communications in Healthcare

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3CX Use Cases: Unified Communications in Healthcare

A unified communications solution combines various channels in one platform for effective communication between health professionals and patients, no matter where they are. With voice, video and chat all combined and managed with advanced contact center features, the right communications solution can increase efficiency, grow patient numbers and cut overheads. What’s more, it enables doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals to provide assistance to the most vulnerable members of society. So let’s take a look at this use case for 3CX.

Protect vulnerable patients

Virtual appointments and consultations, often referred to as telemedicine, are an excellent way for physicians to conduct an initial evaluation of the patient’s condition. In cases where patients have an easily diagnosable and treatable issue, it eliminates the need to risk visiting the surgery and contracting another illness. This is especially useful, and much appreciated, by patients who suffer from anxiety or who fall on the vulnerable end of the spectrum, for example, immunocompromised individuals. While a video meeting is no replacement for a physical exam and testing, for more simple illnesses and conditions, the visual aspect is a great help, taking phone consultations up a notch and improving the patient experience.

remote healthcare

Improve practice efficiency

Save time and make operations more efficient. With a percentage of appointments online, there is less chance for late arrivals and more time to spend with a larger number of patients. What’s more, you can conduct quick progress appointments without needing to pencil in standard appointment slots, making way for more patients and ad-hoc meetings. Patients will be thankful as well, with no need to waste time journeying to the practice for simple, routine appointments – they can even stay in the office. Integration with software systems allows for receptionists to easily manage and update patient records, making scheduling of appointments more efficient with less room for error.

With inbuilt contact center features, healthcare organizations can develop a communication framework involving call flows, IVR menus and strategic queues to allow for better patient care without putting more strain on the workforce.

More contact and check ups with chronically ill patients

For health care professionals who feel that they don’t get to see their chronically ill patients as much as they’d like, a UC system like 3CX is the ideal solution. With more time available and the convenience of setting up meetings online, it’s easier to schedule quick appointments to see how your most vulnerable patients are doing. Not only does this allow physicians to better uphold their duty of care, but it could perhaps enable them to catch or prevent any critical developments. In combination with the use of medical devices, such as blood-pressure monitors, fitness trackers and thermometers, doctors can surmise the general condition of the patient and then determine whether further action is necessary.

nurse patient video conference

Increased accessibility

There are always cases where patients avoid seeking treatment or advice for one reason or another. This is especially true for those that live in more isolated areas or find themselves unable to travel the distance to a doctor’s practice. If your organization is easier to get a hold of, patients are less likely to have hang ups about reaching out when they’re in need. Furthermore, online consultations with a UC solution that offers web conferencing gives healthcare providers the chance to assess the patient’s condition and decide on further action.

Boost patient satisfaction with multichannel communication

Whether we’re talking to patients, pharmaceutical companies, doctors or other members of the healthcare industry, a UC solution that offers multichannel communication makes your organization more accessible. Enabling patients to get in touch via voice, video, chat or email lets them choose the method of communication that suits them. Some patients may feel more comfortable discussing certain health issues from the comfort of their laptop via chat rather than in person or on the phone, while others might want more face to face interaction, so having multiple options is essential.

Streamline internal communications

Internal communications between team members is just as important as external communication with patients. Due to the oftentimes critical nature of healthcare, it is an essential element to overall organization and possibly even patient outcomes.  If wires get crossed, even between just a few colleagues, it can have a detrimental effect on the entire organization.

With communication technology like 3CX, features like status help employees to view who is available at any given time, and they can call, video or chat at the click of a button. What’s more, with mobile apps and a web client, employees can access the practice’s phone system from wherever they are so they’ll always be connected. A modern software-based communication solution can help organizations to develop communication strategies and best practices that cover everyday tasks as well as emergency situations.

hospital communications

Affordable, easy to manage software

It’s an absolute certainty that the priority of any medical facility is its patients. Dealing with dated technology and difficult to manage phone systems put unnecessary strain on time and resources that can be allocated elsewhere. 3CX is open-platform and can be installed on-premise or in the cloud, so there’s no need for any expensive proprietary hardware. 3CX can even do the hosting for you, taking all the hassle of our cloud communications. Simple to install and manage, employees can focus on the tasks that matter most, while your communication takes care of itself.  What’s more, 3CX can reduce telco bills by up to 80%, leaving you with more budget to assign elsewhere. A welcome budgetary respite in a sector considered grossly underfunded in nations across the globe.

This has been a taste of the great benefits that unified communications and remote healthcare can bring to organizations. Call us today to learn how to try 3CX for free!

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