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Web Conferencing Video Quality: 3. Bandwidth

This is the third part of our web conferencing video quality series, all about bandwidth. Don’t forget to check out parts one and two, covering meeting profiles and latency! You may notice when using other video chat or conferencing products that sometimes a user’s video may become stuck, stuttery or jittery. We’ve almost completely eliminated this in 3CX, with the addition of certain algorithms made in-house and not available on any other platforms. There’s an ‘Ideal’ amount of bandwidth...

3CX V18 Video Conferencing & Apps: What You Need to Know

3CX Video Conferencing (formerly known as 3CX WebMeeting) has undergone a complete redesign, which is now available to all customers who install the 3CX v18 Alpha 2. We’ve focused heavily on new features and data privacy. Here what’s new:

New Apps

We’ve completely scrapped our old Android and iOS apps and made new ones from the bottom up. Joining a live meeting on the go has never been easier. You can now view shared content like shared screen content as well as...

iOS & Android Video Conferencing Apps Get Bluetooth Support (Beta)

We’ve gone ahead and improved the user experience and usability of the video conferencing apps further. The login UI is now cleaner, sleeker and more understandable. We’ve also included new features to help you in your daily use, including: Added Bluetooth support Ability to enable/disable camera / microphone before meeting entry.

Login page gets an upgrade

The login page has been greatly improved; now with a sleeker design that’s more user-friendly to boot. You can also easily disable and enable the microphone...

New Video Conferencing Apps for Android and iOS (Beta)

Need to conference in a hurry? We’ve got you covered. In our latest Android and iOS beta release, we’ve made it even easier to attend and participate in conferences from your mobile device. By re-developing our mobile video conferencing capabilities from scratch, we’ve been able to add functionalities previously only available via the Webclient. Plus, users will benefit from increased synergy between iOS and Android Ecosystems, as both now utilize a single code-base.

Shared experience for mobile & web

Enjoy a richer conferencing...