iOS & Android Video Conferencing Apps Get Bluetooth Support (Beta)

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iOS & Android Video Conferencing Apps Get Bluetooth Support (Beta)

We’ve gone ahead and improved the user experience and usability of the video conferencing apps further. The login UI is now cleaner, sleeker and more understandable. We’ve also included new features to help you in your daily use, including:

  • Added Bluetooth support
  • Ability to enable/disable camera / microphone before meeting entry.

Login page gets an upgrade

smartphone app video conferencing

The login page has been greatly improved; now with a sleeker design that’s more user-friendly to boot. You can also easily disable and enable the microphone and camera before the meeting starts, for an experience that’s more inline with our desktop version.

Bluetooth Support

If you’re a fan of headsets, noise cancellation or high quality sound, then this one’s for you. We’ve added Bluetooth support so you can now easily connect and use your favourite devices during video conferences. Simply connect your headset or speaker as usual and select it from the device options in the app.

Other fixes and improvements

  • The meeting URL field is now always cleared on app startup.
  • Meeting name is editable in the main login screen.
  • Removed unnecessary settings button from the login screen.

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