How can new VOIP resellers differentiate when adopting UCaaS?

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How can new VOIP resellers differentiate when adopting UCaaS?

So you’ve decided to add a UCaaS offer to your existing MSP/ISP portfolio? Great! The market value of UC is expected to exceed $96bn by 2023 so there’s never been a better time to take a piece of the pie. Just be wary of the traps those who went before you fell into. Namely, pitching the new solution like a commodity rather than focusing on the value you can bring alongside. The former results in a discounting battle between resellers with similar functional offers (the injured party almost always being margin), whilst the latter opens the door to a multitude of additional revenue opportunities. It’s a no brainer, right?

Research from the priority metrics group identified 5 key dimensions from which you can differentiate your business. These are:

  • Product
  • Price
  • Service Delivery
  • Relationships
  • Reputation

The remainder of this post will discuss each dimension in relation to 3CX solutions so that you can guarantee you’re offering customers a solution that stands out from the crowd.


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Product differentiation is most visible as it refers to the features, capabilities, and performance of the system itself. This is perhaps why so many new VoIP resellers instinctively default to pitching full system specifications, given that it’s the most tangible element. Whilst it is vital to choose a partner who constantly brings groundbreaking and innovative features to market, such as 3CX, your pitch needs to be grounded in your prospects’ needs and an understanding of what benefits users in their sector. Running through every feature in the PBX will put even the keenest techie to sleep and it’s likely that other providers will come prepared with similar propositions. Keep your focus on product tight and combine a discussion of features with the 5 remaining dimensions to make a real impact.


3CX gives resellers an advantage when it comes to the second dimension as our unique pricing is disruptive in its own right. With no add ons and an easy annual subscription model, adopting 3CX’s simultaneous call pricing will instantly set you apart from the scores of MSPs selling hosted plans on a costly per user basis. In fact, you’ll save your customers up to 80% vs their current phone bill by adopting 3CX! You can then maximize the value already offered by combining 3CX licenses with support and hardware agreements which will increase your monthly return.

Service Delivery

Service differentiation includes customer service and additional support functions such as training, installation, and ease of use. A recent study by PWC found that 86% of buyers will pay extra to guarantee great service, so this isn’t an area to skim over! As a first step, think about how you can improve your customer’s purchasing journey. Perhaps you can offer complementary services alongside your 3CX solution so that they don’t need to shop around for their tech, or you could offer free advice for those considering a migration so they feel informed when the time comes to make a choice.

There are plenty of ways to differentiate when it comes to service, but the key is establishing where your business thrives and then consistently going above and beyond in that area. Your communications partner will also have an effect on the service level you are able to deliver, so make sure this is considered when consulting vendors. Look for free unlimited technical support, active channel management and training options as these will guarantee your ability to provide your customers with the assistance they require.


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The relationship dimension is closely linked to service delivery but focuses specifically on interpersonal relationships. I once read a quote by the ever astounding writer known as Anonymous that states: “People will forget what you said. People will forget what you did. But people will never forget how you made them feel,” and this applies in business just as much as it does in life. In fact, studies have shown that around 49% of buyers make on the spot purchasing decisions after receiving a personalized sales experience*. People want to work with people, so taking the time to make your customers feel valued, special and taken care of will certainly set you apart from competitors.

In most businesses, sales representatives, support and customer service have the most contact with clients. Ensure that at every possible touchpoint, team members are polite, credible and most importantly reliable as this will cement a bond between customer and provider. Outward-facing colleagues are the key link between product and customer, so if this linkage breaks down, it’s likely your business will take a knock too.


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Building an image or reputation can be daunting for new VoIP resellers but it needn’t be so. Even with a small marketing budget, you can build a reputation by targeting customers that can boost the success of your business and focusing your marketing, comms and service strategies on their needs. Give them what they want and they’ll become organic promoters of your business from whom you can then request case studies, interviews and other materials that will help grow your brand presence. Choosing a UCaaS vendor like 3CX will also give you a leg up, as you’ll receive free advertising on 3CX’s websites and locator tools once you reach silver partner status or above.

If you’re not sure which market segments to hone in on – don’t panic! It can help to conduct a customer profiling exercise to establish who and what your current customers have in common.

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