5 FREE Marketing Tools to Boost Sales and Engagement

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5 FREE Marketing Tools to Boost Sales and Engagement

Digital marketing in the 21st century can be tough. After all, the average person now has an attention span of just 8 seconds, so we’re officially less focused than goldfish. In fact – you’d be dropping off right now if it wasn’t for the image below!

Here are a few more jaw-droppers for my fellow marketers:

  • 27 million pieces of content are shared on social media every day
  • 55% of all website views are now 15 seconds or less
  • 78% of people who reach out to a business via Twitter expect a response within an hour

So, what does this teach us? Well, we’re seeing more but consuming less detail. We’re expecting instant responses and quick rewards. We’re being bombarded yet are filtering more. Ultimately, we’re living in a world of skimmers and scanners, and across all industries, businesses need to adapt to this content shift to remain visible! Luckily, that adaptation needn’t be an expensive task, as a myriad of free digital marketing platforms has sprung up in recent years which enable SME’s to generate stellar marketing strategies that can cut through the noise.

Read on to discover our 5 favorite marketing tools for 3CX resellers and how you can use them to boost sales, awareness, and engagement:

1. Mail Chimp

What: Email & Content Marketing
Will help you to: Identify and target consumers and engage existing customers
Why we love it: MailChimp is a firm favorite for email marketers. Specializing in helping SMEs communicate with their customers and leads via email, they will help you generate beautiful email campaigns in just a few clicks. It’s also worth checking out their brand-building tools, which help you maintain a consistent image across all channels.

2. Yoast SEO

What: An SEO plugin for WordPress
Will help you to: Boost traffic to your website and improve reader engagement
Why we love it: Yoast is a powerful tool for optimizing your website and ensuring that your content gets in front of your target customers. Use their WordPress plugin to optimize your SEO, check keyword frequencies and monitor duplications. We love how it helps our content team check the readability of their blog posts; after all, what’s the point of having a great message if you’re not getting it out there!

3. Hootsuite

What: Social Media Management
Will help you to: Manage your social media from one location
Why we love it: Hootsuite helps you keep track and manage all your social media channels from one place, saving you time and resources. We love it because its analytics tools enable you to monitor what people are saying about your brand and help you respond instantly.

4. Google’s Digital Garage

What: A crash course in digital marketing
Will help you to: Take your business online
Why we love it: Best for those stepping online for the first time, google’s digital garage offers training courses designed to help grow your business with digital marketing. Our favorite is “The Fundamentals of Digital Marketing,” a comprehensive course accredited by the Open University which covers: SEO, content marketing and building an online presence.

5. 3CX Live Chat & Talk

What: A free live chat module for 3CX Users
Will help you to: Engage with visitors to your website instantly, in real-time
Why we love it: Call me biased but I couldn’t resist putting one of our own on the list. 3CX click to talk is a must-have if you’re looking to build an online presence that caters to today’s need for instant responses. Stop giving potential customers the chance to look elsewhere and have live chat messages come directly to your 3CX PBX.

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