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Call center reborn: Make way for the Virtual Contact Center

Contact centers and call centers have a number of stereotypes attached to them, both in terms of working for one and customer experience. It’s a necessary evil; one that customers love to hate but simultaneously are seething with anger about when they learn that the company they need support from doesn’t offer the service. But the contact center as we know it is changing and a new virtual call center replacement seems to be the way of the future. Can going hosted/virtual really make...

Resellers: Virtual call centers are on the rise, are you ready to pitch one?

Virtual call centers are becoming increasingly popular as employers look to lower overheads, increase flexibility, and take advantage of labor pools overseas. In this two-part series, we’ll discuss the benefits of making the switch and explore how to discuss 3CX’s virtual call center solution with your clients.

What are virtual call centers?

Virtual call centers have much in common with their traditional counterparts, with one key difference; employees are spread out across a number of geographic locations. The agents use a...