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V18 Alpha 3 – Fixes and Features

V18 Alpha 3 is here for you to try! Mainly fixes in this release but a few good changes too.

Microsoft 365 user syncing, now in all editions!

Previously a PRO license was required to sync Microsoft 365 users. In order to accommodate SSO for Microsoft 365 users we have made user syncing part of the standard edition. This way it’s easy to get customers onto 3CX, plus they can use SSO in any edition.

Audit log now in all licenses

Although it’s...

SSO and Boosted Performance in V18 Alpha 2!

V18 Alpha 2 is here for your testing! This version features some almighty security updates including SSO. We’ve also revamped overall performance of the PBX and smartphone apps for a more reliable experience and made managing the PBX even easier!

SSO and update to Debian 10 Buster

No more forgotten passwords or searching through emails! We’ve implemented SSO so that users and administrators can login to the web client and management console with their Google or Microsoft 365 account. We’ve also made...

V18 to Simplify DNS Config. with its DNS Helper

Until now, 3CX has required the use of both a local and external IP in the case of unmanaged networks. Thanks to a new “DNS Helper”, which will be part of V18, we will be able to rely solely on the FQDN. This will simplify the way admins provision endpoints (e.g. IP Phones and 3CX apps), and the way users can access the web client and video conferencing. Your 3CX FQDN will be automatically configured like this, you won’t have to...