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Update to the Latest iOS Beta for Improved Connectivity

A new iOS Beta is available for testing! This release features a number of fixes and improvements for better call connectivity and experience with the app functions.

Greater reconnection ability

The iOS Beta applies fixes for even stronger call connectivity. We’ve fixed an issue in which a call was sometimes dropped during reconnection, and where it was less reliable in the case of UDP connectivity loss.

Improved messaging functions

We’ve made functional improvements to the messaging/chat feature for a more consistent and reliable experience: ...

Pre-release iOS Beta with Latest UI Updates & Fixes

With the final release imminent, a new iOS Beta version has just been released with some last-minute UI improvements and stability fixes. These help to make the app more user-friendly and solid for its final release. Keep in mind that you need an Apple device running iOS v13.2+ and your PBX to be on the latest v16 Update 5 to use the app! Join our Beta testing team and don’t miss out on the new iOS app’s features.

New iOS Beta with Voicemail Indicator & Improvements

Another iOS App Beta with UI updates and fixes propels the app closer to release! The latest Beta builds on user-friendliness with a new voicemail indicator, new recent call icons, and more refreshed UI elements and fixes. Make sure you join the Beta testing team so you don’t miss out on these and many more upcoming new features. You just need an Apple device running iOS v13.2+ and your PBX to be on the latest v16 Update 5 to start testing!


V16 Update 5 Supercharges Remote Working with New iOS App Supporting Video

3CX v16 Update 5 breaks work-related boundaries, allowing businesses to transition seamlessly to remote-working at a time when needed most. Create your own remote working environment with 3CX’s bundled apps for Android and iOS, supporting video calling for face-to-face communication. This coupled with new e911 options and Google Chrome extension makes v16 Update 5 the ideal business communications solution to quarantine with. The clock is ticking: Upgrade now if your PBX is currently: Οn v15.5, reaching EoL (End of Life) status with no more updates or...