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New SBC Beta Release Available for Download

The new Beta version of the Session Border Controller (SBC) has been released with significant improvements to the High Availability (HA) Cluster configuration, along with latest fixes for stability and connectivity. If you already have SBC(s) deployed in standalone or high-availability mode, this is a release you definitely need to check out!

Streamlined Configuration

This latest SBC Beta version delivers an updated and smoother initial configuration for the High Availability (HA) Cluster, with: To Ping or Not To Ping – The cluster’s Ping...

Eliminate Downtime with the New 3CX SBC High Availability Clustering

Introducing a sneak preview of the new 3CX Session Border Controller (SBC) High Availability (HA) Clustering solution, that ensures IP phones’ uninterrupted connection to the PBX. The 3CX SBC is used to create a secure tunnel to connect remote IP phones to your PBX. With the SBC HA Clustering solution, we have eliminated the risk of a faulty SBC node severing communications with a remote office. What’s more, it does this without any intervention by the administrator. If a single SBC host goes...